From ideas to solutions – offices, hotels and other public spaces

For years, we have worked towards creating the right sofa for everyone and now we also provide solutions for offices, hotels and other public spaces. If you have a room that needs decorating, then contact us – let’s work together to find the perfect solution for your ideas.

Avalikruum-3Our product development team is at your service!

Marek Vinkel
Head of Softrend’s product development team. As a specialist with nearly 20 years of experience with upholstered furniture, he finds solutions that work. Marek’s portfolio includes designed furniture for restaurants, hotels and ships.

Argo Tamm
Softrend’s in-house designer. His designs look good and also have the best technical solutions and maximum ease of use.

Rene Mere
Our project manager with 10 years of public space experience, who makes sure your ideas meet the best solutions. If you decide you would like to discuss your ideas with us, then Rene is happy to correspond by email or telephone: +372 511 4974 I


Why Softrend?Avalikruum-4

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  • Our furniture is designed and produced in Estonia and manufactured by hand
  • Softrend’s quality standard covers design, functionality, quality materials and service
  • Wide selection of cover materials
  • We have nearly 20 years of experience in manufacturing upholstered furniture