How to choose the right sofa- one that suits your home and lifestyle?

01. October 2014

How to choose the right sofa- one that suits your home and lifestyle?

If you have to choose from the best looking or the most comfortable sofa, then it is wise to choose the most comfortable one, especially if the sofa is often used.

In fact, however, one shouldn’t have to choose between beauty and comfort, because one does not have to exclude the other. What is needed is just a little bit of knowledge and experience in making the right choice.

Read the following for what is to be considered when selecting a sofa. And if making a decision between different sofas is difficult, you can always consult our friendly and professional salesmen.

The comfort of a sofa is found by testing

What is comfortable is different for everyone. We always recommend to come and try sofa before purchasing. And not just by sitting on the sofa for a moment, but by sitting on it and feeling how it is to sit on the sofa for a while, just as you would normally sit on it at home.

Is the seating depth and softness enough for you? Some people like a soft sofa- the kind you sink into and others prefer a firmer seating. Some look for a higher back support, some want a good head support. Some like a deep sofa for lying down comfortably and others want to use the armrest as a table.

If you love to lie down a lot on your sofa, then the right choice is to go for a sofa that has an extension seat. By trying it you can find out how the sofa works best for you.

The correct location in the room for your sofa

The sofa, after the kitchen, is one of the most important elements in the interior of your home. Think about where the sofa would be placed most best.

Don’t be afraid to put the sofa right in the middle of the room, or to use it as a room divider. Some models have the backside of the sofa so beautiful that it would be a shame to hide it against a wall.

Curved or inclined backrests are best noticeable when the sofa is placed the middle of the room.

Keep in mind that direct sunlight can bleach the leather and fabric materials of the sofa. In addition, in terms of safety, the sofa should be placed of at least thirty centimeters away from fireplaces, radiators and other heat generators.

The right size

Measure the place you are planning to place your sofa.

To get a better idea of the sofa’s size, you can use tape to draw the sofa on your floor (every Softrend sofa model has precise dimension measurements on a separate product sheet). You can also draw your living room on a piece of paper and cut a piece of paper on the scale of the sofa thus making it easy to experiment with different locations and positioning.

Also take into account the space needed to walk around the sofa. When you have selected a sofa you wish to purchase, be sure to measure the doorway before ordering – so the sofa fits through!

The right stuffing for the pillows

Feather stuffed cushions are very soft and nice, but often need to be adjusted, to restore its original form.

If you want a sofa that does not need tweaking and adjusting very often, then it would be better to choose a sofa that has foam pillows. Also, fixed couch cushions help the sofa to maintain its original form and does not require as much care as feathered pillows would.

The right cover

One of the most important aspects of your sofa is the fabric, because it makes each sofa unique and the durability of the sofa very much depends on the quality of the fabric. Different fabrics also show stains very differently. Some fabrics are machine washable for washing at home, others can only be cleaned using a drycleaners services.

For a sofa that is often in use, it would be wise to select a type of fabric that is very high in durability. However, in other cases, the most practical decision would be to take a leather cover.

For families with children, practicality is very important. In the Softrend product selection one can find a lot of sofa models that have removable covers. If the removal of the cover material is particularly important, then it should be made possible to remove the cover of both the cushions and the frame.

Cushions should also be made to use both ways.

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