How can stains be removed from your sofa?

20. October 2014

How can stains be removed from your sofa?

Domestic life revolves around the sofa – as it should when the sofa is cosy! Time and again, the sofa gets stained. It just sometimes happens, no matter how strict you are with your children, pets or guests.

The first advice for a stained sofa is: react urgently!

It is most efficient to clean the stain when it is ‘fresh’ and as quickly as possible. Some fabrics have been treated with a special stain-proof agent and any fluids that have been spilled on the sofa may not be absorbed immediately; on the other hand, some fabrics can absorb the stain quite quickly.

Cleaning depends on the type of fabric and it is generally a good idea to examine the fabric cleaning instructions for your sofa before you undertake this task. If you have purchased your sofa from Softrend, we will gladly provide you with the respective information, if required.

Textile covers

  • If washing the fabric with water is allowed, stains may be cleaned with water-based cleaning agents – foams and shampoos that are designed to clean the fabric.
  • Excessive moistening should be avoided.
  • First try out the cleaning agent on the fabric in a place that is not prominent such as the back end or the lower edge.
  • Let the fabric dry normally in the air – do not rub.
  • If you do not have a cleaning agent at hand, you may replace it with moderately warm water and add a bit of dishwashing liquid or washing powder.
  • If fluids that do not contain grease (soda, beer) have been spilled:
  • the first step is to remove as much fluid from the fabric as possible with an absorbing material (napkins or toilet paper). Then use a clean cloth dipped in moderately warm water with smooth circular motions.
  • Avoid rubbing the fabric – this will squeeze the fluid inside the fabric!
  • If you’re fond of eating fresh fruit and berries, you should also certainly know how to remove the stains created by them. Reacting urgently is essential.

Act as follows for berry stains:

  1. Carefully remove the berries and dab the excessive fluid dry with a clean absorbing cloth. Do not rub or spread the fluid
  2. Dissolve 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid with 2 glasses of cold water
  3. Pour the agent on a clean cloth and gently dab the stain until it is removed
  4. Let the fabric dry normally in the air
  5. If this does not work, a solution of vinegar and alcohol will help. Mix 1 tablespoon of vinegar with 2/3 a glass of vodka and clean the stain carefully. Do not rub.

Try out the solution first in a spot that does not stick out!

  • In case of blood stains, start the cleaning procedure with cold water.
  • If candle wax drips on the sofa or the carpet, place an ice cube bag on that spot immediately. Once the candle wax congeals, you can remove it.
  • Cleaning dust and pet hair: vacuum the sofa every now and then. Use low power and a special nozzle – otherwise the vacuum cleaner may stretch the fabric or pull the threads from the fabric.

Washing covers in a washing machine

eemaldatav-kate-blogiCovers can be removed for the whole length of the sofa for some models. This is a very practical and convenient solution.

If the fabric may be washed in a washing machine, you must consider that all the sofa covers will probably not fit in the washing machine in a single wash. Our sofas have a bottom lining and you are also able to use the sofa when the covers are in the wash.

Covers must be fitted when they are damp – otherwise they may shrink and not fit any more!

Keep in mind that excessive washing and spin-drying is not helpful for the sake of the good appearance of the materials. If the covers are not removable, we recommend ordering dry cleaning services a few times a year. We have also tried this on the samples in the shop – it works and really makes the sofas sparkly clean.

Leather covers

nahkdiivan-blogiA well-manufactured sofa of high-quality leather is a good investment as the leather will remain beautiful for a very long time if properly maintained.

Leather is available in numerous lovely shades. Softrend offers approximately 100 various shades.

  • Protect the sofa from heat sources – Leather may fade, become stiff or crack at a heat source. Do not place the sofa too close to the fireplace or heater and protect it from direct sunlight.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner at low power or wipe the dust from the sofa with a soft cloth every few weeks.
  • In case of spilled fluids: dab the stain dry with a soft absorbing cloth. Avoid rubbing and brushing as it wears the leather and just spreads the fluid. Simple dabbing creates sufficient vacuum to remove the stain.Let the sofa dry normally in the air – do not use a hairdryer or blower.

Simply using a damp cloth for cleaning is the best choice – if really necessary, you may also use a mild soap and water, but in this case, the sofa must be washed clean of the soap with a damp cloth afterwards.

Chemicals should be used sparingly as it reduces the durability of the leather. There are weaker and stronger cleaning agents – always prefer the weaker agents. Solvents are very efficient, but harmful for the leather.

Beware of scratches. As it is easy to scratch the leather, avoid sharp objects. To retain the beautiful appearance of the leather, it would be good to apply a proper leather protecting agent to the leather covers of your sofa once or twice a year. This provides a protective layer and extends the durability of your beautiful sofa.

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