Enjoy being focused

08. January 2020

Enjoy being focused

Open offices were revolutionary – they broke down the barriers between co-workers that cubicles had created. The change gave way to collaboration, communication, and involvement. About 70% of all offices are currently open-plan.

But it has its downsides also. Studies show that 95% of people say they struggle to focus at work. The most disruptive office distractions are caused by our beloved colleagues – their talking loudly on the phone and chatting nearby. Interrupted work results in 2.1 hours a day lost to office distraction and it takes about 25 minutes to return to the task after a distraction.

This is why the open-plan office concept is being redesigned once again. This time the goal is to find a balance between shared and private space. To find solutions that provide flexibility and support different ways of working.

As a constantly growing company, we know firsthand what it is like to work in an open-plan office. This is why we dedicate ourselves to providing solutions that make open offices work better.

In a world where you are constantly disrupted at work, Softrend provides the space where to focus on the most important task at hand. Our furniture is for people who want to get things done.

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