AquaClean – an easily cleanable fabric

15. October 2014

AquaClean – an easily cleanable fabric

The fabric is the outermost and most vulnerable layer of the sofa that experiences the heaviest wear and tear. A sofa covered with a skilfully chosen fabric is eye-catching and looks brand new for a long time after the purchase.

The most innovative and maintenance-free fabric in our large selection of cover materials is the AquaClean processed stain-proof fabric. The AquaClean high-technology processing creates a molecular layer on every fibre of the fabric that prevents the fabric from absorbing dirt and fluids.

The processing leaves no visible traces or odours and does not change the texture of the fabric. A fabric that has been processed with the AquaClean method feels comfortably soft and pleasant to the touch.

The selection includes numerous modern shades and fabric textures and patterns that can be combined.

Why choose the AquaClean fabric?

  • mapideal for fixed-cover sofa models
  • stain-proof and fluid-proof
  • durable and easily cleanable (even coffee, wine, chocolate and other stains) – water is all you need for cleaning
  • most AquaClean fabrics are machine washable

Come and visit us to test the fabric!


  1. Remove any dirt on the sofa
  2. Dab the stain with water – use a tissue or an absorbent cloth – and wait for a few seconds
  3. Apply a tiny bit of pressure and wipe the stain off with circular movements. If required, repeat until the fabric is clean.

EtiquetaThe AquaClean manufacturing process is environmentally friendly and the fabrics do not contain any harmful substances. This is verified by the AquaClean certified Made in Green® trademark.

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