About Us

Softrend is an Estonian upholstered furniture manufacturer that has been in operation since 1997. Today we are known all over Europe.

  • Softrend sofas and beds are handmade.
  • Estonian design, Estonian product: All our sofas and beds are made at our own factory in Vääna, near the Estonian capital.
  • Softrend is a family business.
  • 70% of our production is for export. Our main resellers are in Finland, Sweden and Lithuania.
  • Softrend’s Helsinki showroom is at Perämiehenkatu 11. The company has three showrooms in Estonia: two in Tallinn (Pärnu mnt 139c and Narva mnt 63/1) and one in Tartu (Tehase 16).

Good to know! In 2016, the sofas made in our factory created 13127 additional seats in Europe.


The sofa is the strategic centre of every home and also a sort of symbol, like a crown. And just like a crown, a sofa, too, must be comfortable, elegant and distinguished. And it must suit the owner’s personality. It has to be right. This is the difference between a sofa and a good sofa. And a good sofa has the ability to make your everyday life a little bit happier.

Our wide selection of models, sizes, covers and filling materials allows us to create a sofa suited to your needs. This way we can offer exactly what you need and together enrich your lifestyle and everyday comfort at home.


We like it when the products match. Both by appearance and by function. Thus, we decided to create our very own Softrend collection of additional interior products. Since 2013, our selection includes also tables, lamps, curtains, carpets and other accessories that make the sofa and your home feel even more right. We have offered beds since the beginning of Softrend, and since 2016, we can proudly say that we also have our own bed collection, starting from high-quality mattresses and bedroom interior elements to exclusive bed linen. We would like to think that as a company and a family, we have helped you and your family fill your home with precious moments.


We’ve proven ourselves as the creators of soft worlds, and we’re now directing our soft power at the shaping of work environments. The way we work today, new types of work and the broadening of the very meaning of work demand more from the working environment than just the desks and drawers and cupboards that are traditionally forced upon us. New work collectives with new working methods need to be able to do their own thing and do what they do in greater depth, to make the most of open-minded and unconstrained communication, to work on new ideas together, as well as to take moments to relax and gather their thoughts. As such, we need a new type of work environment that is free of spatial inflexibility and that can be adjusted in the best possible way to suit the nature of the task being tackled. Soft solutions make bustling spaces cosier to be in and more comfortable and convenient to use. People enjoy being there more; they’re happier and more productive.


See how Softrend sofas are made: