5 tips on how to make meetings more productive

08. July 2020

5 tips on how to make meetings more productive

Is summer sun and dreaming of vacation stealing your focus? We know how you feel. That’s why we have collected 5 tips on how to make meetings more productive. 

1. Could it be just an e-mail? 

First, ask yourself do you really need to have a meeting? Maybe it can be agreed on via e-mail or discussed in Slack? 

2. Keep meetings short and to the point 

Set a clear topic and write out questions that need to have answers by the end of the meeting. Invite as few people as possible and as many as necessary. 

3. No distractions

You’ll want to be focused on a meeting and have the attendees’ full attention. Leave your phone and, if possible, a computer at your desk. Ask everyone else to do the same. 

4. Be prepared

Create and distribute a meeting agenda ahead of time. This way attendees can also be prepared beforehand and the meeting will be overall more productive.

5. Choose the right environment

Is the meeting about setting personal goals or brainstorming new ideas? The right setting sets the tone of the meeting. 

You might generate more ideas when you are in a Creative Corner, sitting on a high rotating Hubert pouf instead of a traditional office chair.

Having one-on-one meetings with your manager to set personal goals or to discuss delicate matters go more smoothly in August Workbay with sound-absorbing qualities. 

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